Table Sizes

We are often asked by our brides what shape and size tables should they choose for their reception. There is not one right answer to this question. The best way to choose your tables is based on your reception space. Round and rectangle tables come in different sizes, allowing for a different amount of guests to be seated at each table. You want to decide the size and shape of tables for the overall flow of the night. We suggest a mix of rectangle and rounds tables, allowing for a variety of centerpieces and decor. Here are some common sizes of round and rectangle tables and how many they sit.

60” Round – Seats 8-10 people
72” Round – Seats 10-12 people
36” Short Round Cocktail – Seats 4-5 people
6’x30” Rectangle – Seats 6-8 people
8’x30” Rectangle – Seats 8-10 people