Tactfully answering wedding questions

I, as a planner, so often get asked by wedding guests how much the couple spend on this or that. My standard answer is, “I am really not sure” or “I am very sorry, but I am not at liberty to discuss”. I have over the years learned to be comfortable answerng such uncomfortable questions.

Recently, when speaking with a bride, she asked me the same thing and wanted to know how to tactfully avoid or answer questions about her photographer, or the cost of her dress or how much did she pay for the venue.

I feel, as a professional , that your wedding information is not to be shared. It is all very very personal and involves only you, your fiance and your family. It is really tacky to ask the questions in the first place but here are some suggestions on what to say to answer that age old question, HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY FOR THAT??:

1. Tell them you really don’t remember
2. Tell them your parent’s took care of it and you don’t know what the final price was
3. Tell them what matters to you is that you got a great ____ and the price was not that important
4. Tell them your planner worked out all the details and was able to get you a great deal.
5. Tell them you have so many things on your mind you will need to get back to them.

Remember, you don’t want your wedding to be labeled with a dollar amount. Eventually, if people know right from left, they will figure it out. It is really something you don’t want others to focus on. You want them to come to the events and have a wonderful time. Ultimately, you want your guests at the dinner table to talk about how great the food is and not how much the centerpieces cost.

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