The Tasty Side of Weddings


Everyone looks forward to the food served at weddings, it’s always tasty, unique, and one of the main conversation topics. What couples tend to overlook, when it comes to the food, is the organization of how the food is given to guests. We recently did a wedding in Miami and could not have been more impressed with the caterer or the bride for the effort they put into the presentation of the food they served, and the taste did not disappoint. Below is a list of items to keep in mind when it comes to serving food at your wedding:
1. Create stations for the food. Guests won’t be crowded in one buffet line but will have the ability to pick and choose items throughout your event. For example, our bride used eight different stations for her sangeet. The stations were placed all along the walls of the room leaving plenty of space between each station. 
2. For each station, create a unique name that will floor your guests with your sassy creativity. For example, one of our brides had names like: Kati Korner, Shah’s Sweet Stand, and Aloo Tikki Bar.
3. Have a staff member working each station. Guests will feel special and it will add to the overall experience of your event. For example, our bride had staff members making the food, at each station, in front of the guests. They loved the personal touch.
4. Desserts are the main event of any meal! This last bride served her wedding cake AND a long table full of different dessert choices that had guests going back for thirds and fourths. Here is just a short list of what was available: ice creams, petit fours, pastries, individual cakes, several types of cheesecakes, Mithais, and more. She also converted the place card table into a “Cookies and Milk” station. 
5. Have one station that serves a “unique” dish that fits your personality or just leaves guest’s taste buds impressed. For example, this Miami bride served a baked potato bar in martini glasses. This was unique and different from the Indian food that had been served throughout the events. Guests could not get enough of this station.
Food is one aspect of your wedding you know guests won’t be able to get enough of and the more variety you have the more impressed your guests will be. Pay attention to detail and make your guests feel special. More so than anything, make sure you give yourself some time to get a plate of everything being served during your wedding! You deserve it.

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