Our Team at Dulhan Expo

We had such a great time at Dulhan Expo yesterday. The brides who stopped by our lovely booth had so many questions for us.. it was great. I really enjoyed meeting them and their parents. It is so cute when all the family members come to support the brides and make a family event out of it.

Our booth looked great thanks to our friends at Elegant Affairs. They really went out of their way to decorate our booth. We also really need to thank our wonderful dj, Dj Raj, for setting up our plasma so our brides could see all the lovely photos from our past weddings.

Our team looks amazing and very professional! It was cold but they all showed up to share info about our company with the brides. Photo: L to R: Meera, Nicole, Me, Jay, Shital, Jessica and Neeti (since everyone wants to know what we all look like)

Some common questions we received:

Q: Why hire you over the other planners? A: We have seen it all… we have experience and that is what you look for in a planner.. experience to handle anything and any emergency. Also, this is our full- time job. I am not doing this for fun. There is a big difference between someone who does this full time and someone who has another full time job.

Q: How many people do you come with? A: We normally have about 1 per 100 guests. We recently heard of a bride who had 600 guests and it was the planner and an assistant at the wedding. Really? Ask yourself, how can two people manage a crowd of 600? There is no way I would do this to myself or my assistant. We have 5 or sometimes 7 people for our larger events and we are still all exhausted! How can two people do a job of 6? It is impossible! That is not taking care of a bride… it is called cutting corners.

Q: How much in advance should we book a planner? A: Call us the day after you get engaged! Our job is to help you save money and save time.

Q: Do you help us find a venue? A: Of course! That is the fun part about it. We do the research to help you narrow down the options. We will assist you to weigh the pros and cons of a venue and also give you lots of suggestions on what works and does not work at that location. We can also help you negotiate the contract.

Overall, it was great to be at the expo. We saw a lot of vendors that we had not seen in a long time since we do nationwide events. We saw our dear friend, Lilly, from Bridalgal… Dj Sharad, Preeti from Preeti Exclusive (yes, she is a planner too) but we are good friends.. We loved seeing our friends and fellow planners from Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? James Tramondo and Stella Inserra who stopped by to see us at the booth.

I really want to thank our brides, Tina and her mom and Binita and her mom, for coming to the show! Binita and her mom came all the way from San Antonio! What a great day.

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