Thank You Card– Yes, You Have To Send Them Out

I recently had one of my brides tell me how she went to a wedding last summer, bought the couple a love (and expensive) gift and she is still waiting on a thank you card!

I know, I know, we are Indian but that does not give anyone who is getting married or has recently gotten married the permission to NOT WRITE A THANK YOU CARD!!!!!

Ok, so, I know we are all busy but I found the perfect solution for all of the busy doctors, lawyers, accountants and everyone else who thinks they are too busy to write a thank you note to their wedding guests… WWW.REDSTAMP.COM

This company will write the notes for you. There are really no more excuses.
According to their website, you have to email them name, addresses, gifts you received and how you plan on using them. They will do the rest.

This is what they say:
Handwritten notes in either feminine or masculine penmanship
Hand-addressed envelopes, absolutely no labels
$5 service fee per card {not including price of card}
No minimum or maximum quantity required
Custom personalized stationery available
Two to three week turnaround time

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