The Brac Reef


The Brac Reef is an award winning resort which acts as an idyllic destination haven for any small wedding. This charming, family owned resort set on four and a half acres of sand beach front offers a romantic and quaint ambiance to their cherished guests.

Aside from its pristine beaches, turquoise waters and tranquil atmosphere the Brac Reef is renowned for it’s in depth and extensive showcase of diving amenities. As a result the Brac Reef has become world famous with thousands of intrepid divers choosing to visit the Brac Reef for this sole reason.

The Brac Reef even provides their own caterer, wedding planner and professional photographer for those who are intrigued by this option. They also offer great package deals on weddings depending on the number of guests. Their staffs have been highly commended within every review found. Particular attention being paid to their friendliness and willingness to help throughout every aspect of your stay in this tropical paradise.

With other activities readily available such as snorkelling, kayaking, exploring, bird watching, fishing, rock climbing, bicycling and hiking there is sure to never be a dull moment in this fantastic destination.

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