The Fine Print

One of the biggest hassles when planning a wedding are all the contracts you will have to sign, but at the same time this is the most important process to ensure that your wedding is a success. When getting ready to commit to a vendor, it is very important to read everything very carefully. From payment terms, to deadlines, to what exactly they are including in your package, you want to make sure everything is included and noted. When going through payment terms here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. How much of a deposit is required? Some vendors will say they don’t require a deposit, but we suggest you always give one, even if its just $100. This makes the contract legally binding
2. When are payments due? You want to make sure you always pay on time. This helps to keep a good relationship with the vendor and if you ever need to add a little something to the contract they are more willing to do so.
3. When is your final payment due? We always suggest our brides to try and make their final payments before the big day. The last thing you want is your vendors hunting you down on the dance floor for final payments.
4. Please bear in mind that the person that signs the contract is the personal that i legally bound to all the terms. We suggest that both bride and groom sign all contract together.

Contracts are legally binding, just like any other contract your wedding contracts need to be thoroughly read and understood, it is also helpful to have more that one person read them to make sure that nothing has been left out.

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