There’s an important step missing in your checklist for the Indian wedding you are planning. You’ve gotten the caterer, the DJ, the decorator, and the henna artist. But how are you going to give the guests the best possible experience at this wedding and make sure the wedding photos look incredible?

1-3 months before the wedding, The Riya Collective will relieve you and the bride from worrying about what their bridal party and guests will wear to the wedding. After working with hundreds of brides, we hear the same things over and over:

  1. Weddings increasingly have huge numbers of non-Indian guests (especially if one of the two in the couple is not Indian!) who have no idea where to get Indian clothing from but are eager to wear it for the Sangeet, the wedding and often times the reception. They don’t want to spend a lot of money buying something and want the process to be easy.

  2. Often these folks will hassle the bride the weeks leading up to the wedding to find out what to wear. They will text her, email her, and even ask to borrow her clothes!

  3. The guest experience is massively enhanced when they wear unique clothing they love and it makes the professional photos come out MUCH better.

In addition to luxury Indian clothing, The Riya Collective also has exquisite Harani Jewels and other jewelry to rent. Check out some samples below and head over to their website for some amazing luxury clothing.