The Timing of Your Special Day

Grand entrances, the romantic first dance, heartfelt speeches, and cutting the cake are crucial aspects of a wedding reception. Guests expect them and marvel at how eloquently each activity is performed. We have done several weddings with different variations of the typical wedding to-do’s. Below are a few of our suggestions for different wedding reception schedules you might be interested in using:

Variation 1:

Grand entrances, first dance, father/daughter dance, cake cutting, speeches, dinner, open dancing, dessert

Variation 2:

Grand entrances, first dance, open dance floor for thirty minutes, speeches, dinner is opened, open dance floor, cake cutting when dessert comes out

Variation 3:

Grand entrances, first dance, father/daughter dance, dinner is opened for forty minutes, speeches, after speeches the couple is invited to cut the cake, open dance floor, dessert is served

Overall, the flow of a reception is greatly important to the effectiveness of an event. Either sequence you decide to choose, just make sure to make it your own and something you will look back at with a smile for years to come.

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