Tipping can be tricky especially when you are getting married. Most people don’t know how much to tip or when at their events. There are certain etiquettes that come from tipping and there are also things to look out for. When signing any contract, it is important to look out for hidden costs. You want to make sure to read all the fine print so that you fully understand how much you are paying before you sign. Some contracts will actually automatically put an included tip amount in their final cost, so you want to make sure you do not double tip on the wedding day.

Why do we tip?

  1. Because it serves as a thank you for a job well done.
  2. It’s important to acknowledge that someone’s service is appreciated.
  3. Because just paying someone now is not enough. Most vendors EXPECT a tip even if it is nominal.

Having been to so many weddings over the years, I have learned the etiquette of tipping:

  1. All tips should be given in cash.
  2. All tips should be given out at the beginning of an event – Vendors will do a better job! Trust us.
  3. It is best to put the tips in separate envelopes and keep some on hand in case any services come up unexpectedly.
  4. It is wise to designate one person, usually the wedding planner, a trusted friend, or relative, to hand these out.

Who gets tipped:

  1. It is vendors who provide any kind of service on the wedding day. For example, the limo driver should be tipped 10-15 percent of the total bill, the valet would be around $1.00 per car, the waiting staff would be about 15 percent of the total catering bill, the bartenders would be tipped 10 percent of the total liquor bill, the makeup/hair stylist would generally get a 15 percent tip, and the DJ would receive between $50-$100.
  2. You should also tip vendors such as the Hotel Sales person, the banquet captain, and your personal bridal attendant.


Using these guidelines will help you on your big day and let your vendors know how much you appreciate the hard work that they do!


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