Top 10 Questions To Ask A Venue

Looking for a venue can be overwhelming especially when it comes to asking the right questions. Below are our top 10 questions we use to inquire about a possible venue for our brides.

1.) Are you available on the following date(s)…?

2.) How many Indian Weddings have you done in the past?

3.) Do you allow a horse or elephant on the premises?

4.) What is your capacity for a ceremony and reception?

5.) Do you provide a stage for the ceremony and reception? How about chairs, tables, and linens?

6.) Do you allow outside vendors/catering?

7.) Do you generally have the ceremony and reception in the same room? If so, how much time is needed to flip the room from one to the other?

8.) What complimentary services can you provide for the bride and groom?

9.) Do you have a recommended/preferred vendor list?

10.) How does parking work for guests and vendors? Is there a charge?

If you and your fiancé are looking for a specific venue then address the right questions in the beginning stages to ensure that your wedding day is everything you dreamed of and more.

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