Top 5 Destinations for Destination Weddings 2019

South Asian Weddings exude a sense of exotic vibrancy, flair, and elegance. Because this occasion is so monumental in the South Asian culture, many opt or a full-fledged destination wedding, inviting their guests to jet-set with them to celebrate their love story. Here are our top 5 destinations for South Asian Weddings for 2019.

Paris- The City of Lights is characterized with an undeniable atmosphere of romanticism. What better destination to tie the knot then the very city of love? From luxury, high-end hotels to enchanting streets of history, Paris offers the perfect backdrop for every taste and style.

Switzerland- For the bold and adventurous, Switzerland will have your heart. Encapsulated by panoramic views and snow-capped mountains, a Switzerland wedding will make you feel like you’re tying the knot on the top of the world.

Portugal- Known for its seemingly endless strips of sandy beaches, delicious varieties of cuisine, and open-air for glorious sun, Portugal boasts some of the best qualities for a destination wedding. With hidden jewels like the royal city of Sintra, Portugal is the perfect location for those craving some unconventional glamour.

Lake Como, Italy- Peppered with pockets of five star luxury, a dramatic nature-filled backdrop, as well as Renaissance-inspired architecture, Lake Como checks off all the boxes of one’s wish list for timeless elegance behind a backdrop of subtle beauty.

Amalfi Coast, Italy- The coast where the magical blue sky seems like a fairytale and the limoncello liquor is to die for, the Amalfi Coast has it all. A popularized favorite for its indisputable beauty and iridescent waters, the Amalfi Coast has become a go-to for couples around the world.

Greece- The picturesque cradle of history, Greece is the crux of insurmountable beauty. From Santorini’s iconic white villas to Athens’ cultural treasures, Greece is the ideal locale for those looking for a mix of romance and wanderlust.

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