Trouble For Destination Weddings?

The most exciting weddings to attend are destination weddings. Are destination weddings as fun as fuel becomes more expensive? We will have to learn to cut corners without making your wedding day less special.

Recently, some domestic airlines introduced new charges for checking baggage. The first checked bag is $15, second checked bag is $25, and so on. If you have to check a bag, then pick an airline that does not charge for the first checked bag. Click here to see which airlines do not currently have fees.

I have been thinking of ways to make destination weddings less expensive for my clients. Here are a few tips:

· You could send a package via FedEx. The two-day shipping service ranges from $10 to more than $80 depending on where the package is being shipped. If you choose this option, do not leave it to the last minute. You wouldn’t want your veil arriving two days after your wedding! And be sure to track everything you ship to avoid losing important items. Also, be careful about what you decide to ship and ask for advice on the best way to package things; your place cards won’t be much use if they are damaged on arrival.

· If your guests are only staying for a few days, advise them to take a large carry-on. One that is packed correctly can hold a few days of clothes, avoiding the expensive checked baggage dilemma. Be aware that some airlines make exceptions for mothers and they are often allowed to take an extra ‘babybag’ on board- use this to your advantage if it applies!

· In order to ensure that you only pack what you need, be sure to check weather information before leaving for your trip. Hotels do have a laundry room so another option is to pack less and wash your clothes at your hotel.

· Try not to bring wedding programs and table name cards if you can get them made on location. It will be one less thing to worry about when traveling.

Destination weddings do get expensive for guests especially if there are more and more unforeseen expenses that pop up.

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