Unforgettable Bride, Unforgettable Shoes

We gals know the importance of having a fierce shoe game. Admit it, sometimes we just love saying the names of our favorite shoe designers just to get that shoe craving satisfied. But when better a time to splurge and really satisfy those designer desires than on your wedding day? Ladies, never forget that one of the most important parts of your wedding ensemble are your shoes. They not only accent the dress, but they pull your entire get up together and add that élégance et goût to your look. Don’t be afraid to go highend either. Everything from your video, photos, and wedding favors to your wedding accessories and your wedding dress are all pricey investments, why not make sure that your shoes are included? Here are some of our favorite designers that speak the language of “highend shoes”:

1) Manolo Blahnik (What, you thought Carrie Bradshaw was the only one allowed to splurge on these?)
2) Miu Miu
3) Prada
4) Jimmy Choo
5) Christian Louboutin
6) Roberto Cavalli
7) Alexander McQueen
8) Yves Saint Laurent
9) Moschino
10) Gucci
Check out these fashion foot favorites so that on your wedding day everyone will be saying that the bride was stunning literally, from head to toe!

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