Unique Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an important aspect of your wedding; they are a way of saying thank you to your guests, and with increasing travel costs it is really a great way to show your appreciation. However, it is important to find something all of your guests will enjoy, and also has a special touch.

Edible wedding favors are always terrific gifts for your friends and family. By picking out a few favorite chocolates or candies, you are sharing your personal tastes. Another idea is to pick out a few of your favorite coffees and teas for guests to try. You can get these products from wedding vendors, such as http://www.americanbridal.com/, and they can even be personalized to match the theme of your wedding.

One different idea is to give each guest a bottle of your favorite wine. But instead of handing out a common wine found at any liquor store, get more creative. Research the area around where your wedding is taking place and see if there are any vineyards close by. With every sip, your guests are reminded of the great memories of your wedding!

Some couples give back to the community on their special day. Instead of a gift for each guest, the newlyweds will use that money to donate to their favorite charity in the name of their guests. Not only does this show gratitude to your guests, it also benefits the community. One option is to pick the charity yourselves, or at the reception give your guests a few different organizations to choose from, and after the wedding make a donation in their name.

Another wedding favor everyone loves is a candle. You can take a simple votive candle and have it monogrammed to commemorate your special day. With the many different scents and colors candles are available in, the options are endless. Gel candles can even be made with decorations in them, like seashells for a beach-themed wedding.

Whatever way you choose to thank your guests on your special day, try and add some sort of personal touch, it really shows your appreciation they were there and they’ll have a reminder too!

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