Video Invitations

Something old; something new;
Something to hold; and something to view
Imagine opening an envelope to find a wedding invitation that surprises you – in a good way!
Engaging Invites has taken the tradition of a beautiful paper based wedding invite, and infused it with the latest technology by including a video screen with sound.  Blending both tradition and technology; neither overshadows the other.
This is a wedding invitation that creates a mood, an expectation, and excitement for the event like you’ve never felt before.
Upon opening the thick card stock invitation and appreciating the creative art and stunning typography, you pause for a moment over seeing your friends’ names in bold.
But there’s more. A thin video screen embedded into the invitation card begins to play and you are transported into the hearts and minds of those requesting your presence on their big day.
Introducing Engaging Invites; high-quality paper invitations and stationery combined with the cutting-edged technology of flat screen video panels and speakers in every card, all custom designed and produced individually for every bride.
Use them for unique invites before the wedding, or use as table-top artwork at the event, or thank you cards after the big day.  Available at less than $40 a piece, and customizable for all aspects of a wedding, check out more at
LED invitations