We Love Dogs at Weddings!

On your wedding day, you will want all your loved ones to be a part of your special day, even including your furry friends! Here are a few things to keep in mind before inviting your dog to be your “best man” or “dog of honor”:

  1. Make sure the venue is pet-friendly. This might be easier if you are having an outdoor ceremony.
  2. Will this cause more unnecessary stress for you and the dog? Dogs can become anxious when they are in an unfamiliar location and surround by many people. You might be more preoccupied making sure your dog is feeling comfortable, rather than focusing on getting ready. Only include your dog if you know your pet is used to being in this kind of bustling environment.
  3. Make sure you hire a designated person to watch your dog, whether it be a sitter or walker. This is to make sure your pet is attended to properly.