Wedding Insurance

Many of our Brides ask if they really need wedding insurance and our answer is… Yes. Wedding insurance is must because it protects your wedding and investment from circumstances beyond your control. It is relatively inexpensive, normally under $500 for a $1,000,000 policy. First check with your vendors to see if they have their own insurance or if you need to put them under your wedding insurance to cover them, most vendors do provide insurance. Lastly, read the policy and find one that suits your needs. Most policies cover acts of God that would have to cancel or affect your event or a vendor not showing up but they do not cover cold feet. So make sure to read the policy. It is a lot more common than most would think and you can try to reach out to your local insurance company to see if they would carry it. Otherwise here are a few companies that we recommend: WedSafeTravelers, and Protect My Wedding

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