Wedding Items to Save

Your big day can get quite hectic. From hair and makeup, to family members stopping by to say hello there are a lot of things happening at once. In the blink of an eye the day will come and go and all you will be left with are the memories and mementos from the day. We tell all our brides to provide us with a list of things they want us to save for them and give back. You would be surprised the number of times that a bride doesn’t even get to try her own wedding cake! Here is a list of things to ask your planner to pack and return to you at the end of the day:

1. Printed Items: Weddings programs, coasters, special signage, menus. These are all great keepsakes and you should at least keep one of each.

2. Food Items: Some people don’t like the extra food to go to waste and you might be able to get your caterer to pack it for you. You can either donate it to a shelter or take with you for a week of yummy leftovers.

3. Cake: We always try to save the top tier of the cake for our couples. But if this is not an option at least ask to have a few slices sent up to your bridal suite.

4. Specialty Items: Favors, Guest Book, Card Box, Bridal Bouquet, Cake Topper, Toasting Flutes, Cake Cutting Knife; these are all items that you will most likely provide to your planner and you want to ensure to get back, as some might be family heirlooms and hold special value while others will be great memories of your big day.

We suggest compiling a list little by little and every time you remember something just add it to the list. Hand this over to your coordinator no later than a week prior to the wedding so that there is no confusion as to what needs to be returned to you.

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