Wedding Motifs

I get asked all the time why motifs are such an essential part of a wedding. So here it is. This is a chance for you to express personal style, taste, and decor! Here are some great ideas.
1. What city are you absolutely in love with? Where ever your favorite city or destination is, make your motif out of it! NYC, Chicago, and Miami are all great ideas.

2. Diamonds, jewels, and gems are all wonderful theme ideas. You can use them for everything from your cake to your invites to your place cards!

3. Lilies, tulips, gardenias or whatever your favorite flower, use this as a great motif. The Lotus flower is a traditional Indian theme that also promotes elegance and taste.
4. Paisley print is another favorite! You can use this print with everything from your wallpaper to your tablecloths. It speaks tradition and elegance.

5. Elephants are good fortune, and a reoccurring motif in Indian weddings. This is a theme that promotes tradition, strength, and celebration.

6. We love logos with initials and patterns. This is a unique way of making your wedding an unforgettable one.

There are many different motifs to choose from, so make sure it represents your style!

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