Wedding planner through the eyes of our French intern – Axelle

Before starting my internship with SJS Events I thought that all weddings were about the same thing: love between two people. I rapidly realized that a wedding is not only about love but also about planning one of the most important (and at times, stressful) days in a couple’s life.
Working with Sonal J. Shah for the past two months has made me realize how important and helpful a wedding planner can be. There are so many details which I had never ever thought of. We really do not do weddings in France with so many details. The past two months, I have been amazed at the lighting, the flowers, the organization, all the meetings we have on a weekly basis. Working with 25+ brides, there is never a dull moment at the office.
Unfortunately, in France, using a wedding planner is not in our custom. This is why most weddings that I have been are not very organized. . That is why I decided to do my internship in the United States. I wanted to see how weddings are organized here as well as see all the behind the scenes of what happens at wedding.