Wedding Registries


With everything you have going on with planning your wedding, it can be easy to forget about the registry. If you are moving into a new home after the wedding, this is essential.

There are a few rules of etiquette that come into play:
1.Do not include registry cards in your invitations, it infers that a gift is required of your guests. I know everyone does put these cards in but word of mouth is also the other way.

2. After you have received your gifts, please, please, please, make sure that you track the gifts properly

3. Do write a personal thank you note to each guest and a nice touch is how you are incorporating the gift into your daily life.

4. Keep a log of the guests so that you remember when guests come over that it was them who bought you the china you are dining on.

5. Get the groom involved so that the process is easier. Normally registring takes a solid 4 days so identify the stores early. Here are some suggestions of places we love for registries:


Macy’s (at this registry you can get Macy’s rewards points when someone buys a gift for you!)

Wedding (you can have a donation made to a charity of your choice every time someone buys a gift for you)

Home Depot (This is a great spot for the grooms)

Bed Bath and Beyond

Crate & Barrell

Williams & Sonoma

Please bear in mind that it is nice for guest to have a variety of places and price points in which to choose a gift.

Have color schemes in mind for each room in your home so that you are registering with colors in mind.

Have fun registering for your big day!

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