Wedding Safety

Your wedding is supposed to be filled with love, happiness and laughter. The last thing you should be worried about on your day is the whether your wedding is safe for guests; nevertheless, it is a very important component that should be taken into consideration while preparing for wedding. From long cable wires, to candle decorations, many weddings face an inevitably fire risk. Thus, it is valuable to think about the factors listed below when planning your wedding.

  1. If you use candles as well as flowers, be sure the flame of the candle is far enough away from any flowers or other material to avoid fire.
  2. Make sure that aisle ways are clear so that guests can quickly exit in the case of an emergency.
  3. All fire extinguishers should be labeled and up to date. Most hotels require that all codes are taped down.
  4. Electric wires should be tucked away and out of the way from guests.
  5. Food should be prepared only in a kitchen or a safe place away from any flammable materials.

Consider these steps and ensure that your special day is safe and fun.

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