Wedding Season 2008 Is In Full Swing

Well, the traveling for wedding season has started. Two weeks ago, our entire team went to Richmond, VA for the wedding of Nishma Patel and Neerav Jadeja. We had been planning that wedding for over 9 months and it was so exciting to see the entire event come together. With a guest list of 700, we took our team of 6 staff members (and myself, of course) to organize their garba, wedding and reception. Everyone was so nice and the bride and groom looked amazing.
The centerpieces were a new twist for us… CARNATIONS… yes, the forbidden wedding flower, carnations are back in style… It was great. We did a sky blue and crisp white color scheme for the bride.

I am at the airport in Philly right now waiting for my flight to our next wedding… Milwaukee, WI. I would never even think to go to Milwaukee if it was not for this wonderful wedding for Seema and Ryan. I can’t wait to meet her entire family and get his family ready for the baraat and traditional Indian customs. The space, The Milwaukee Art Museum is so great and I cannot wait to see her colors, chocolate brown, turquoise and hot pink all come together in the all white Art Museum. Stay tuned for the photos.. Oh, I got a new camera as well.. actually, my wonderful husband, Jay, got me a brand new camera for this wedding season.. he is so sweet.

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