What To Do With All Those Flowers

One of the most important aspects of your wedding day will be your decor. But after the big day is over and you have danced your last dance, what do you do with all the left over flowers?

Here are a few suggestions:

– Donate Your Flowers:
Check with your local nursing homes or assisted living centers to see where your centerpieces could be put to good use. The following websites will help you locate a nursing home or assisted living facility in your area.

– Use Centerpieces as Gifts
One way to honor those who helped make your wedding a special day is to give them a bouquet, perhaps a centerpiece, as a gift. Everyone loves fresh flowers, and with the right care those flowers will stay beautiful for a week or two after your wedding. The people that helped make your special day such a success can relive the beauty of your wedding every time they look at your beautiful flowers.

– Preserve Your Bouquet
You can have your wedding bouquet freeze dried to preserve it after your wedding day. Be sure you have this professionally done, as it takes special equipment to remove all of the moisture from your bouquet and preserve its shape and beauty. Once it is preserved, you can have it mounted to display in your new home. As long as you do not touch the bouquet, it should stay beautiful for several years. Imagine being able to show your children your wedding bouquet one day!

– Start a Compost Heap
Composting is probably not on your mind on your wedding day, but if you intend to have a garden in your new home, your wedding flowers are the perfect way to start your compost heap. You can designate someone to collect the flowers after the party and take them to your home where the compost area is set up.

Once the flowers are in the compost heap, they can remain untouched until you return from your honeymoon. Then, you can add your kitchen waste and gardening waste to the compost heap as you begin your new life together. Soon you will have healthy compost that you can add to the soil of your next garden. Whether you want to grow food or plant flowers, compost, created with your wedding flowers, will help the plants grow big and stay healthy

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