Where Did The Sound Go?

Years of planning weddings has taught us how important having the correct sound is! Though you may not necessarily focus on this in your planning process, it plays a major role in the success of your wedding.

Having the wrong sound equipment can cause unexpected glitches with your microphones and speakers. The last thing you want is a microphone going dead in the middle of a big speech! When booking a DJ or sound company, make sure you check their references and reviews. It is better to go with a reputable company versus a lesser known one that is simply offering a better price.

It is also important that your venue and other vendors work closely together to ensure that you have enough power. With a big wedding, there is a lot of equipment involved from the lighting to the music to the video (which also needs to connect to the sound). All of this working simultaneously can cause an outage if you don’t have the correct amount of power. So make sure you go over your needs with your venue and order extra power, if necessary. It may come at an added charge but its well worth it! It’s also important to make sure that the power is distributed evenly. There is no point in having extra power if all of it is connected to the same power strip.

So keep these tips in mind to ensure that no one pulls the plug on your wedding!

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