Winter Wedding

When a bride begins to plan her wedding, it can be very difficult deciding what season or even month the wedding should take place. Prime wedding months in the US are June, July, and August, which makes summer the most popular season to get married. Most brides chose to not get married in the winter, but here are the top 5 reasons why every bride should reconsider:

· Better Venue Options: Since winter tends to be the less popular season to get married, venue availability is more flexible and brides will have more available dates at their disposal. The prices are much lower as well. The same venue you may pay ½ in the January, Feb and March months.
· Control of Guest List: Winter weddings can work in the brides’ favor in more ways than one. In one aspect, some guests may be out of town due to the holiday season and this will make it easier to control the amount of guests attending the wedding. Another aspect is if the bride wants more guests, most guests do not have wedding after wedding after wedding to attend in the winter as they do in the summer. They are more likely to say yes and attend the wedding.
· Better Gifts: Since winter is the less favored wedding season, guests will have few wedding commitments and will be more likely to attend your wedding……hopefully this leads to better gifts??? It is easier on their pockets to get gift for a winter bride vs. summer (since they attend more wedding overall in the summer)
· Better Pricing: Vendors consider winter to be their slow season, so they may be willing to decrease their pricing in order to retain business during the sluggish months.
· Creative Themes: Winter weddings allow a bride to be more creative with decor and wedding favors. Instead of only using flowers, brides can create a “Winter Wonderland” theme or Holiday Theme. Brides can even serve hot chocolate or hot apple cider in addition to tea and coffee for dessert.

These are just a few reasons why brides should rethink their wedding date and consider hosting a winter wedding. There are a lot of great benefits!

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