Writing Escort Cards

Organizing seating arrangements and trying to decide where guests should sit and with whom can be overwhelming for any couple. Escort cards are very helpful to both you and your guests. They help organize your tables and direct guests where to sit during the reception. If you are unfamiliar with escort card etiquette, it may seem a bit confusing. Here are some things to keep in mind when filling out your escort cards:

– Create an alpha guest list by last name, then first and include how many people in the party and what table they are seated at. This will help organize the guest list and you can check your escort cards against this list.


– Begin working on the escort cards at least two weeks before the event so you are not rushed and overwhelmed with other wedding details.


-Keep families and guests together. Do not list guests individually on separate escort cards, unless they are seated at different tables.


For Example:


Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane Smith (& Family)


Table _____





Mr. John Smith




Mrs. Jane Smith



-Do not fill in the table numbers right away. We suggest you do this closer to the event in case there are any last minute table changes.


– When you are done filling out the escort cards, check to make sure they are in alphabetical order and hand them over to your event planner. Just be sure to inform her of any changes.

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