Karla and Harshil’s Swiss wedding is going to have everyone talking for years to come. It was an elaborate weekend with every detail carefully planned. A team of over 200 vendors worked diligently round the clock for 5 days to ensure everything looked perfect. After three years of planning, their guests were constantly “ooing” and “ahhing” at the exquisite food and ornate decor. From beginning to end their guests were in constant amazement. Greeted with a gorgeous welcome box filled with every item a guest could desire to their Dom Perignon Champagne featured at the Welcome Party, it was the perfect start to the weekend. Saturday’s Reception featured an Ace of Spade Champagne at the Reception, an amazing DJ and band combo to entertain the crowd, and even a special guest appearance from THE Jason Derulo! We weren’t Ridin’ Solo for this spectacular event!

Without the right team of vendors, none of this would have been possible. Special thanks go out to the fabulous decorator Javier Valentino, our amazing Chef Gaurav, and the entertainers behind it all, DJ Suhel and Jordan Kahn Orchestra. Our gratitude goes out to each vendor and staff member who worked tirelessly with us to create the ultimate dream wedding.