Ami and Samir

When Sam and I decided to have a destination wedding, we knew we needed help. After asking a few friends, we found our way to Sonal. From the first day, we met Sonal we knew we were in good hands. In the first meeting, it was clear to us that Sonal listened and had intentions of making our dream wedding a reality.

As we started looking for vendors and venues, Sonal and her team made sure Sam and I were involved in the whole process. We weren’t looking for a conventional venue or wedding, and we had certain criteria. Keeping all that in mind, we managed to find the perfect location. Sight unseen, Sam and I took a leap of faith and signed our venue on Sonal’s recommendation. The leap paid off, it was a dream resort/venue.

All the recommended vendors were so easy to work with and willing to cater to our wedding vision and add their experience to make it even better. About 2 weeks before the wedding, we decided to redo all the décor. As a nervous bride, initially, I lost my mind and couldn’t believe we were changing everything. I couldn’t manage it all and handed all the reins over to Sonal and her team. It wasn’t blind faith, but it was trust in knowing they would deliver. And deliver they did. Our wedding and events were amazing.

Throughout the entire planning process, Sonal and her team made sure Sam and I along with all our vendors had a detailed timeline of all the events and important factors. The attention to detail was astonishing. I truly felt as though they listened and Sam and I mattered. All the vendors had their marching orders and Sonal made sure everyone was on the same page.

As we approached the day of, Neeti was my lifeline. She made sure I was taken care and there was no task she didn’t do. I had to ask her to eat and take a moment, she was an absolute delight. If it wasn’t for Neeti, I would definitely have been a bridezilla. She saved my sanity! Neeti made sure my entire family was comfortable and taken care of. She even helped my mom put on her sari! The creme de la creme was her ability to make sure I always stayed calm and had a smile on my face. My wedding was one of the hardest days, not having my father with me, but Neeti made sure I focused on how much he was there with me, in every part of my wedding and family. She was my saving grace.

All in all, Sonal and her team are an absolute must if you are looking for a visionary to bring your dream wedding to life.


Ami and Samir

Villa Del Palmar Cancun

January 18-19, 2019