Angeli and Rahul

Quite frankly, I did not think we needed a wedding planner. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sonal and her team were incredible. The SJS value add became clear from the minute they started working with us. They are experts. They have planned thousands of weddings, have seen it all, and it really shows. They answered our questions, resolved complications and anticipated (and contained) issues before they arose. They have longstanding relationships with almost every venue and every vendor. They even reviewed our executed contracts and modified them to clarify or improve the arrangements.

We were very impressed by how Sonal and her team essentially took ownership of our wedding, soup to nuts. They were professional, responsive, extremely knowledgeable and got it right the first time, every time. They kept us on track and did whatever needed to be done to ensure a successful event. The upshot was a flawless wedding and a seamless, stress free process leading up to it.

We can’t thank Sonal, Ruth, Melissa, Morgan and Neeti enough. Our wedding day was a wonderful experience and we (to our surprise!) actually enjoyed the planning process. It was a pleasure to work with SJS Events and we would recommend them without hesitation.

Best regards,

Angeli Saijwani and Rahul Sharma
February 22, 2014
Cipriani 42nd Street