Bhumika and Nikhil

Sonal J Shah and staff was the first decision I made in my wedding planning journey and it was indeed the best. At first I was almost positive I can plan a wedding on my own but I hired the company because I was going to be a busy resident and my family agreed I might need help. Today after my wedding is over I can confidently say my wedding would not have been at all what it was without their help. I was pretty confident I could handle everything on my own but I did not realize that things do go wrong and sometimes VERY wrong. First off, I had a destination wedding in Miami, which has it own difficulties, but since the company is familiar with destination weddings they were able to assist with everything. Sonal and Ruth worked very hard trying to get all the permits required to close down Collins ave for our baraat. The city of sunny isles required a lot of permitting for various other things such as a stage, fire dancers, fireworks. Sonal and Ruth took care of everything! They would send me emails about updates but I never had to worry about anything. Two weeks before the wedding, as expected, everything started to go wrong. The city was not approving permits and we did not have a stage for our mandap. I was able to focus my time on family that was flying in from all over for my wedding and not worry about permits/stages etc. because Ruth was handling everything.

My most vivid memory was 5 days before the wedding I received an email saying the company I rented the baraat Lamborghini from had crashed it. Ruth and the team immediately started searching for another car. I remember walking into Red door spa to get my pre-wedding facial when Ruth called to update me that they have contacted over ten companies and they will find me my car in the color I want and in my price range. I could not believe I was enjoying my facial when there were urgent unresolved matters. It was all because Ruth and the team were on top of it. And just like that, she called me with the good news that they finally found the car for the same price 5 days before the wedding!

Day of, Ruth and the team did a great job keeping everything on schedule. Neeti was an amazing bridal attendant. She kept me calm through everything. She is excellent at drapery, which came in handy when my heavy dupatta kept falling off. Ruth quickly picked up on food errors and solved everything quickly. My parents said they felt like they were enjoying the wedding as much as the guests. I can confidently say I would not have been able to handle all the things that went wrong without the help of Sonal, Ruth and the staff. The company was there with me through every moment from vendor referrels and contract negotiations to fixing every obstacle that came our way. I recommend Sonal J Shah and staff wedding planning service to every bride and I am sure that it will be the best decision because it definitely was for me.

Bhumika and Nikhil
May 10, 2014
Trump International Beach Resort-Miami