As a bride, your wedding day is your time to shine. Along with selecting the perfect outfits, jewelry, and make-up artist. To match your dazzling look it is only right that your skin matches the agenda. Adding Botox to your wedding beauty regime is not uncommon, but here is what you need to consider. Start early, Botox takes a few weeks to set in. We recommend allowing 5-6 weeks prior to the event, this allows time for it to set in, and perhaps have a touch-up a week before you say, ‘I do’. You don’t want to go for a heavy amount of Botox, you need for your makeup to sit on your face flawlessly, less is more. Never cut corners, say no to cheap Botox. When deciding on the practitioner you’re going to entrust with your main center of attention for the big day they must be reputable, do your research it will pay off. Now all that’s left is to smile for the photos!