What better way to show your appreciation to your bridesmaids than a special gift on your wedding weekend? An idea that we always think is fun (and super cozy) is PJs. You can’t go wrong with a lovely pajama set for your bridal party; these are great for photos if you get matching sets!

Another idea we recommend to our brides is creating a self-care kit for the bridal party. Wedding festivities are a lot, so it is essential to always stay prepped and ready for every event throughout the weekend. When creating a mini self-care kit, a few valuable items could be: under-eye masks to keep the eyes hydrated, chapsticks for lip hydration, nail polish for touch-ups, and pimple patches to tackle those last-minute zits.

And, of course, it is always a thoughtful idea to personalize everything! Whether customized cups for each bridesmaid, personalized jewelry, or monogrammed bags, it is fantastic to show each individual in your bridal party how much you deeply care about their friendship with you!