Have you ever taken a great photo at an event, but the person that took the photo is gone at the end of the night and you didn’t grab their social media handle? Creating a wedding hashtag is a great way to keep all the wedding photos neatly filed online when your guests post on their profiles. It also gives your event that exclusive “you just had to be there” feel and it provides a way to go back and replay those memories.

When choosing a hashtag it is best to start with the couple’s names or nicknames. Some couples known to be inseparable may already be called something of a mashup of their name a la Ben and JLO with “Bennifer” by their friends. Adding a funny spin to the nicknames on tying the knot or adding the wedding date is a way of making sure you use a hashtag that is unique so that it doesn’t interfere with or overlap with another couple’s wedding hashtag.

Here are a few simple hashtags using the groom’s last name and year of wedding with a fun twist:

1. #AndersonWedding2022

2. #PerezPartyOf2

3. #MeetTheShahs

4. #ThePatelsSayIDoInMexico

5. #SamAndAshleyGetHitched

If coming up with your hashtag turns out to be too daunting, a wedding planner’s help is an option. There are also many resources online that ease the hashtag creating stress. A favorite is the hashtag generator on Plugging in some of the wedding information will generate a hashtag for you.  Whether you come up with your own or use a generator, make sure to let your guests know so that you can watch all the behind-the-scenes action that the videographer didn’t catch!