Gloria and Vishal


I am truly grateful to you both, Sonal & Ruth and team. I honestly had a tough time with the wedding planning and I feel you truly helped me through it and helped me to see the joy and fun in it. I learned that I can choose décor options that match and that look pretty. I felt that you gave me the framework and ideas and I was able to put my own touches on things in a way that made me feel proud. I have never felt confident to do those things beforeI felt like I got to know Sonal & Ruth and without getting too sappy, truly care about you! Sonal you have been through so much this year and yet remained professional & engaged. I don’t know how you did it. Ruth it was nice to see you step in when Sonal needed you to, it showed great teamwork and respect between the both of you. My most memorable times were the 2 meetings in the office when Vishal & I were procrastinating and Sonal had us pick the menu and then during the next one we picked the ceremony music! Ladies, I will miss you! Vishal was very happy with all services as well! We both felt the wedding day was perfect. Ruth was amazing; she was in charge, calm & confident. Her team & bridal attendant were on top of things, professional, kind and genuine. To us, the day was perfect; we were unaware of any issues or problems so I hope there weren’t any! Haha. Thank you again!


Gloria and Vishal
September 27, 2014
The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner