As cheerful and exciting as weddings are, it can be challenging to celebrate such a joyous occasion with a loved one absent. If you are unsure how to honor your friend or family member, we will share a few ways to make sure that you pay tribute to your loved ones so they can be with you throughout the celebrations in spirit.

A few simple yet thoughtful ways to include your lost loved ones in your wedding could be by adding an “In Loving Memory Of” tribute portion on your wedding day program, having a reserved seat for them where you can lay a flower from your bouquet in front of their picture, or even make your bouquet out of their favorite kind of flower. Or using a handkerchief or piece of their clothing to be incorporated into the bridal bouquet or wedding outfits. While these are a few subtle ways to show honor and love to a deceased friend or relative, it helps remind those around you of the vital importance they will always carry in your life.

It is also always an excellent thought to take a minute at any point during your wedding and have a moment of silence. This will allow you and your guests to have a peaceful time to reflect on a fond memory or what that person meant to you. In addition to having a moment of reflection, you can also light a candle in tribute to your loved one.