Pets are an essential part of our families so it is understandable that you’d want them to play a part in your wedding. Couples should check with their wedding venues if pets are allowed. If having your pet incorporated in the wedding is a must, this should be expressed to your wedding planner so that they’re able to assist in finding a venue that will be ok with your furry friend’s presence.

Next, you should consider your pet’s personality. If your dog is shy and is going to get scared easily, having your pet walk down the aisle may not be the best idea. Once you’ve locked in a pet-friendly location and assessed your pet’s personality you’re good to go. Here are 5 ways to include your fur-baby in your nuptials.

  1. Walking down the aisle with a bridesmaid or groomsman. It is very important to hire a dedicated sitter for your pet to make sure they are well taken care of prior to when it is time for your pet to walk down the aisle. On the wedding day, everyone will be busy getting ready so asking a family member or friend to watch your pet is not the best idea.
  2. Include them in your wedding photos. Let your wedding planner know that you’d like your pet to be part of the photos so this can be included in your day of timeline.
  3. Include them in the engagement photos. A fun way to integrate your pets without having them come to the actual wedding the day of is taking your engagement photos with them. The memories will be the same without the stress of big crowds for your pet.
  4. Use their picture in the invitations or save the dates.
  5. Incorporate them into your events on a custom cocktail napkin or signature drinks named after your pets!