Mrs. Anuja Lawande (Mother of the Bride)

Dear Sonal,

Thank you very much in helping us give our daughter her dream wedding! Truly, we had no idea when we started out. All we knew was that we wanted Shweta and Prathap to have a wedding they would remember and cherish a lifetime.

Shweta from a very young age knew she wanted a big wedding. When Prathap proposed to her we were very excited but honestly I was a little stressed as well. I had never planned a big event and didn’t know much about New York. So the search for a planner began… We did what most people nowadays do, we googled 🙂 Your name was on top of the list! Upon checking your website we saw that you had planned Shriya Paliwal’s wedding. It was a done deal for us! We knew the Paliwals well when we lived in Connecticut and I know how detail oriented Ila Paliwal is 🙂

I must say your organizational skills are amazing! The way you organized the entire year was very helpful. The constant reminders to keep us on track were very necessary for us. All the spreadsheets at the end were very helpful.All the vendors you recommended, be it Jeannie, Chef Gaurav, Bhargavi (Barbie), Meghna, Debbie were thorough professionals at the same time warm and friendly and it was a pleasure to work with them. Your staff, Ginny, Minoli are sweethearts!

The wedding day! Everything worked out so well!! Never in my dreams did I imagine that decor! I saw the short video you posted on how the whole thing came together. Hats off to you and your team for orchestrating our daughter’s wedding so beautifully!! Shweta and Prathap absolutely loved it! All our friends and family were spellbound!!

Some of the comments I heard:

“This is what Ambani’s wedding must’ve been like…”

“Never been to a wedding like this..”

“There never has been a wedding this grand in our family and will never be unless we repeat it at Maya’s time…”

“I tried my best to find faults but couldn’t find a single one”

“Are these real flowers?!!”

The compliments are pouring in! We are overwhelmed! You my dear made it all possible! I didn’t even know this was possible! All your expertise served us very well. You knew exactly what would work and what wouldn’t. The 360 photo booth was a huge hit! Everybody loved it! Sadly I didn’t get a chance to get on it. I would’ve loved to get on that platform with you, Chef Gaurav and Jeannie and many others 🙂 Everyone enjoyed the ice cream as well!

Please convey my thanks to Ginny. She was a big help as well. I will keep emailing you as I remember all the beautiful moments your planning made possible.

Thank you very much for arranging the fresh flowers jewelry as well! You had a solution for everything! I will gladly recommend you!

Next time I’m in New York will love to have dinner with you and thank you in person.


Best regards,

Anuja & Sachin

Parents of the Bride

September 21, 2019

Cipriani Wall Street