Namrata and Amar

Dear Sonal,

My husband and I are super “on it” but when it came to wedding planning, we were very laid back and often took our time. We needed someone like Sonal J. Shah and her team to help us to stay on point and drive us forward even when all we wanted to do was stay in the blissful state of engagement. When I think back to our wedding planning, I think back to relying on Sonal and Ruth for a lot of support. No question ever seemed stupid to ask (even though I often felt like it might be) and everything was addressed in the most timely manner possible. Sonal and her team thought through everything from A to Z – often we left out so much and they were thinking of things even I had not even thought of! Our wedding weekend was absolutely lovely from the vendors to the entire implementation of everything. We could have not done it without Sonal and her team and absolutely recommend SJS events. Sonal and Ruth are professional, honest, and most importantly- reliable!

Namrata Awasthi and Amar Patel
June 20, 2015
Brooklyn Museum