Onika and Sudeep

Dear Sonal and Ruth,

Our wedding was a couple months ago and our friends and family are still talking about the wonderful weekend. The day of the wedding was no stress for our family and us because you and your team handled everything! You and your team being there made our wedding so much more enjoyable for our guests and ourselves. The day went seamlessly and I can’t think of any flaws of the day. Neeti was such an amazing bridal attendant and you and Ruth paid so much attention to detail, and I was very impressed. Many of our guests told us it was the best wedding they have ever been to and were so blown away with the design, décor, and flow of the entire day. Thank you for ensuring our wedding weekend was a success and such a memorable occasion for everyone. We are so grateful!


Onika and Sudeep
December 20, 2015

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