Parinda and Gary

A week ago today, our dreams came true. Actually, what happened last week far surpassed what our wildest dreams could have ever even imagined.

Sonal and Ginny, having you by our side from literally day one was hands down the best decision we made (besides of course saying yes to Gary). The magic that took place last week has been the talk of the town and every single guest that attended. Literally everyday we are getting HUNDREDS of messages from our guests but also from people who were watching via peoples post and stories all over social media. We have complete strangers reaching out to us saying they were blown away by everything as they watched stories being posted online and thanking us for giving them an experience they never had and probably never will again.

We have people begging us to have a vow renewal (every year) so they can experience similar events again. Every single one of our guests have made comments on the planning and execution and seamless step in and step up when all things could have gone wrong on wedding day with the rain. You know it was an amazing weekend when not just Gary and I and are families are dealing with post wedding blues. Almost everyone has reached out to us saying how much fun they had and how indescribable the experience was that coming back home has sucked so bad and there is a level of sadness everyone has that it’s over. Our bridal party is literally the most depressed right now so we decided that once we get our wedding video, we are going to have a big watch party and rent out a theater and keep the party going 😘. Some of them refuse to take their keys off of their wrist because they don’t want to believe it’s over…..

We are so thankful for you and all of the SJS Angels for making our wedding one for the books. It will be talked about for ages and it most definitely was the wedding of the century for so many, but to our families and us….it was a wedding of a lifetime!! Sonal, Ginny….you are a gift to this industry. You are fierce strong women who leave countless impacts on peoples lives. Single-handedly, this industry is a better place because of you two!! You are a force to be reckoned with!! Thank you will never be enough for all did 💙 you will forever have a place in our hearts!!

Parinda and Gary
December 1-3, 2022
Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya