Pooja and Rajiv

Dear Sonal & SJS events,

Rajiv & I feel so incredibly lucky to have had you & your team work alongside with us during the wedding preparations. As soon as we signed with you, we knew we were going to be in great hands. From your “Weekly To Do” Monday morning emails to your 3 am follow up messages, we knew we had picked the perfect wedding planner for our event. Although we had signed up for day of coordination thinking we had mostly everything covered, we soon realized how much work was actually involved, a lot of which we couldn’t do due to our busy work schedules. We firmly believe that you went over and beyond to make sure we were taken care of, not just as your clients but as your friends. Thank you for always keeping us on track and taking things upon yourself when you noticed our hospital schedules were too demanding to plan a wedding.

The wedding weekend went by so seamlessly and it’s all because of the numerous edited timelines (15 to be exact) that you created leading up to the wedding. We were so fascinated to see how not only the various vendors but also our bridesmaids and groomsmen had their own pocket itinerary. Aside from the emails our bridal party received, you also went out of your way to personally call our bridesmaids and groomsmen to make sure they were taken care of. I honestly don’t know of any other planner who is so willing to go out of their way to accommodate the needs of others. Given that we had so many ceremonies and events packed into the 2 day event, we were afraid that things may not go according to time; however due to your impeccable planning, all of our events actually started BEFORE the given time which everyone, including guests, were impressed with.

We are so overjoyed with every detail of every event during our wedding weekend. It didn’t just feel like an event for Rajiv & I or our families, but rather felt as a celebration for all us, our vendors and everyone who worked so hard and so long to make this weekend a success! We cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of us and treating our wedding like one of your own family’s event!

Love always,

Pooja & Rajiv
July 16, 2016
Hyatt Regency Jersey City