Pooja and Vivek


I got a lot of appreciation from family and friends that had attended the wedding saying that my New York wedding planners did an amazing job with bringing everything together. You guys were on point everytime! I was confused if you ever slept because the turn around time to either a phone call, text message or email was seriously quick! There might have been a couple times were you were already researching stuff before i had even considered it. So thank you for that! I was very happy with Neeti as my personal assistant for those couple of days. Sorry I made her run around like a crazy person, especially looking for my shoes on the mehndi day! You guys were on point with everything, and had it organized so well (help desk, welcome bags, thank you gifts etc)l. Im very happy with all the work that you guys did on the day of the events as well as prior to the wedding, Your ideas and suggestions, opinions and comments were so helpful. I will definitely think of you guys for future events. Good Luck with everything and may the future for you guys be bigger and shine brighter!

Pooja Sabhnani and Vivek Balaney
February 21, 2015
The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC Dubai UAE