It is truly a sight to see when it comes to our event transformations. Our latest wedding extravaganza takes us to sunny Silicon Valley.

A seamless collaboration consisting of over 290 vendors, who all worked tirelessly around the clock to completely transform the space for each event. With 6 events and 800 guests, it was no easy feat. The behind the scenes capture just a glimpse of the sheer number of staff, all hustling to produce the dream wedding for our couple and their families.

We may be the glue that holds everyone together, but without each and every vendor, the wedding weekend could not have been possible. Javier Valentino and his team worked day and night to create floral masterpieces, buried under thousands of flowers and greenery. Chef Gaurav Anand and his entire team created unforgettable culinary sensations for all the events. DJ Raj and his army handled all sound and lighting to set the perfect mood and ambiance for each event. The entire team at the Santa Clara Marriott showed all of us their outstanding hospitality and flexibility. And to Jose Villa and Aperina Studios who were there to capture every precious moment.

Thank you to Nico for capturing all of us in action.