Wedding Reception: Candles Everywhere

Adding a lot of candles to your reception decor can transform any room into an elegant and romantic destination. Candles may seem like a simple addition, but having hundreds throughout your reception turns it into something magical. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate candles!    

Bookshelves Used for Backdrops

Whether books play a role in your own love story, or you are just looking for a unique conversation starter, adding a bookshelf backdrop to your wedding can be fun and elegant. We love the way a bookshelf can be adorned with beautiful florals and lit up to create a stylized backdrop. Place a fancy love seat in front or …

Glowing Aroma

How wonderful would it be to have your entire ballroom smell like your floral arrangements? Here are some of our favorite candles to put out at your reception. Put them on your bride and groom table, cake table, card box table and let the fragrance spread it’s magic.

Questions to Ask A Church

When it comes to weddings, the most traditional option for your ceremony and venue is a church.  But before you can booka church as your venue, there are questions that should be asked about things you can do, and more importantly, a few questions about what you cannot do.  Here are a few: Are there any restrictions regarding flowers or candles? May …

Ring The Alarm

Fire signifies the burning and everlasting flame between a man and a woman but to a venue and a planner this flame represents a list of what ifs and possible emergencies that can ruin anyone’s special day. There are various occasions and situations that SJS has encountered over the years that might be a problem. Below is a list of some of …