Your honeymoon is more than just the sweet phase of the relationship. Some say having a great romantic honeymoon is the melted wax that seals a good marriage. A great honeymoon won’t happen without a great environment. It is crucial to pick a place that is beautiful, quiet and exclusive, and of course a place with great food. The following cities have all of this and more. Some you might have heard of like the Maldives so we’ll start with that one.


It is a paradise like no other with villas that sit directly above the clearest water you’ve ever seen. The hospitality is phenomenal with everything you might need, delivered to you at your beck and call. The private villas are so exclusive that couples feel like they own the place and are simply on top of the world. It is the ultimate luxury getaway for you and your significant other.


With its famous blue and white architecture, Santorini is another spot that is sure to make couples swoon. Located in Greece. it’s all about the views here. The buildings in Santorini overlook the sea and the air is always crisp and clean. A famous activity is watching the sunset at Oia. There are also wine-tasting and vineyard tours.


Bali is great for the spiritually inclined and those that want to connect with nature. The fauna in Bali is very interactive. There are waterfalls and lots of trails to hike. Visiting the sacred monkey forest is a famous excursion that many couples enjoy. The locals are friendly and the food is flavorful and divine. If you choose this for your honeymoon, be sure to visit the Uluwatu Temple.


This city is perfect for couples that want to remain connected to each other during their entire trip. Most hotels are converted caves so Basilicata offers the best sleep as the rooms are completely dark and quiet. The food is great since it is in Italy after all. With only 32  kilometers of coastline, it is perfect for a couple who just want to tune out the world. Spend 10 days in Basilicata and go back home very well rested. Best for couples that just want to have chill vibes.


With its old-school flare, the Amalfi coast never disappoints. Home to the set of the Wonder Woman movie and the subject of many famous rap songs by P.Diddy and Jay-Z, the Amalfi coast is probably the most famous from this list. And with good reason. It is a 50-kilometer stretch of shoreline along the Sorrento peninsula line with the best restaurants. Couples that honeymoon here are sure to have a mix of great shopping, stunning beaches, and one of the best Italian cuisines.