Anonymous from a wedding guest

From One of our guests to the bride Mansi Shah:

Hey Mansi,

Hope you have recovered from the wedding madness and are well rested. I had an amazing time at the wedding and am so happy that I could be a part of it! You looked stunning in your outfits!!!! And I absolutely loved your reception dress, didn’t see anything like it while I was in India, it was truly a one of a kind outfit! Have to admit, it is the smallest Indian wedding I have been to and but I can’t remember enjoying a wedding as much as I did yours. I always thought I wanted a big Indian wedding but after I left yours I completely changed my mind. It was so intimate and I loved how everyone including the wedding party was able to truly enjoy it. I thought your planner also did wonderful job a keeping things together and its the first time I’ve been to a wedding that didn’t feel like a chaotic circus. Every little detail was truly amazing!!!! From the photo booth, to the organization you donated to w/the cute touching cards you created, the food, color schemes, amazing chutney sandwiches, bridesmaids saris and sets etc … I noticed so many things that I absolutely love. I am definitely going to call you when I get married (if that ever happens, lol). Hope you are enjoying married life and Congrats again! So happy for you both!!

Anonymous From a wedding guest
July 4, 2010 Weekend
Sheraton Tysons Corner, VA

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