Ekta and Dino

Dear Sonal,
When I got engaged, Dino and I began talking about hosting a cruise wedding. My thoughts immediately turned to you as my prior experience working with Sonal J Shah events told me that nobody could help us pull this off but you! You and your team made it possible for us to have the most unbelievable wedding we could have ever imagined. Four months later, we still have guests sharing their wonderful experiences with us, wishing we could all go back and do it over again. Sonal, you took the time to understand our specific Sindhi traditions and helped us work out a timeline that was efficient and effective. It seemed almost impossible to move 350 guests from Miami on to a cruise ship, then to the Atlantis in the Bahamas, back to Miami on the ship. But I knew that your attention to detail was spectacular and this in itself would allow our wedding to be a grand success. Your team (Jessica, Neeti, and Judy) were amazing. They went above and beyond to help the bridal party. We appreciate everything you guys did to make our special wedding a memory to last a lifetime. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Lots of thanks,
Ekta Mathani and Dino Dodoni
March 28-29, 2010
Atlantis, Bahamas Resort
Carnival Cruises

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