Gaurav and Beatriz

I worked with Sonal and her team for all of my wedding preparations and she was absolutely amazing. She is detail oriented and very organized. The great part about her is that she is fashion forward and she gave me great ideas. She knew all the do’s and the don’ts. She also did all the work that I would have hated to do on my wedding day.

She was on top of everything and if we had not hired her, the wedding would NOT have definitely ran so smoothly. She made sure that everything was done on time in a professional manner.

She also pointed out thing that I would never have thought to think of for the wedding that had to be done. I highly recommend all engaged couples to have a wedding planner because the day of the wedding can be stressful. If you hire Sonal to be your wedding planner, she will take care of everything. You will have peace and harmony for your wedding day.

Gaurav Sood and Beatriz Serrano
Bride and groom
Cipriani 42nd Street
Sept 4, 2011

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